Partnership with Paradigma Technologies

Paradigma Technologies and NEOSAT proudly announce their collaborative partnership aimed at fostering innovation and providing novel SDR solutions for space.

This milestone agreement was solidified during the esteemed Space Tech Expo 2023 in Bremen, marking a pivotal moment for both companies in their mission to advance the space industry.

The partnership between Paradigma Technologies, a pioneering company specializing in high-frequency radio telecommunication systems for small satellites, and NEOSAT, renowned for its cutting-edge satellite communication systems, is poised to deliver groundbreaking solutions for the evolving demands of the space sector.

“By joining forces with NEOSAT, we aim to combine our expertise in RF telecommunication systems for small satellites with their advanced signal processing skills, ultimately enhancing connectivity, exploration, and data transmission capabilities,” said Andrej Volpi, CEO of Paradigma Technologies.

Kai-Uwe Storek, Managing Director of NEOSAT, agreed and stated: “This partnership signifies a collaborative effort to leverage our SDR-based space solutions as well as our IoT technology to propel the industry forward, addressing critical needs and fostering a new era of space technology.”

Both companies are excited about the potential to merge their strengths and drive innovative solutions, setting new standards in space technology and satellite communications.

New. Space. Radio.