Projects & Partners

NEOSAT and the University of the Bundeswehr are working closely together on innovations for satellite communication in multiple projects. Recently, NEOSAT and the Chair of Signal Processing successfully developed unique transmission schemes to enable multi-antenna satellite communication (MIMO for SATCOM).

OroraTech is a leading thermal-infrared data intelligence company based in Munich, Germany. To perfectly match OroraTech’s needs, NEOSAT developed a highly customized communication solution for an upcoming constellation. The cooperation included the adaptation and qualification of our payload comms module as well as the corresponding ground station service.

INRADIOS is a strong partner for satellite ground station equipment. In a joint project, NEOSAT and INRADIOS are working together on concepts and their implementation toward flexible & robust networks for LEO constellations with distributed ground stations.

On Jan, 23, the kick-off for the European Protected Waveform (EPW) has taken place at European Commission headquarters in Brussels. NEOSAT is proud to be a member of the consortium that has been designated by the European Commission to design a highly reliable waveform for reliable and secure satellite communication.