Multiple Antennas for Satellite Communication

We are experts in the field of multi-antenna (MIMO) systems for satellite communications: Our patented multi-antenna satellite technology enables:

  • Modern gateway stations with multiple cooperative antennas for less VHTS gateway locations
  • Satellites with multiple antennas for increased spectral efficiency and lower spacecraft power consumption
  • GEO VHTS interference management via advanced signal preprocessing for throughput and efficiency enhancement
  • Security features on the physical layer to avoid the interception of satellite signals

5G and Satellite Co-Existence

Recent frequency allocations for the 5G cellular network cover the C-Band (3.4 GHz – 3.8 GHz). Previously, these frequency bands were allocated to satellite downlink connection which are now affected by severe interference.


To enable a 5G / satellite coexistence within the C-Band we offer on-site channel measurements and analysis for digital cancellation strategies.