Designed to Your Needs

NEOSAT offers hardware and software for innovative payloads:

Design and manufacturing of specialized communication payloads for advanced on-board signal processing.

Based on software defined radios, our payloads targeting broadband communication, IoT, and spectrum monitoring. We are working together with various vendors to support our customers with tailored up-to-date SDR solutions.

Switching & Routing. LEO/MEO/GEO Networks

Today’s satellite communications go beyond simple point-to-point connections. Constellations based on large numbers of LEO/MEO and even GEO satellites require advanced packet handling to maintain a persistent connection for your customers.

NEOSAT develops and implements concepts that take full advantage of current and future space hardware capabilities. By implementing advanced on-board switching and routing solutions, our deep technical knowledge and understanding enables us to fully unlock the potential of inter-satellite and inter-layer links.

This expertise is not limited to the space domain, but also extends to ground terminal implementation decisions to design an overall optimal solution for your customer’s needs.