Partnership with Paradigma Technologies

Partnership with Paradigma Technologies

Paradigma Technologies and NEOSAT proudly announce their collaborative partnership aimed at fostering innovation and providing novel SDR solutions for space.

This milestone agreement was solidified during the esteemed Space Tech Expo 2023 in Bremen, marking a pivotal moment for both companies in their mission to advance the space industry.

Moving in Our New Branch Office

Moving in Our New Branch Office!

We are happy to announce that we moved into a new branch office in the heart of Dresden.

NEOSAT team in Dresden is growing bigger, and our new office enables us to welcome additional team members. With the gained space, we are now able to speed up our developments and existing projects. The new office brings NEOSAT into the position that the electronics and products can now be partially produced and easily tested within our own lab.
Contact us to come, visit our team and grab some coffee!

NEOSAT visited #AFCEA2023

NEOSAT visited #AFCEA2023

Together with the FZ Space of the Bundeswehr University, NEOSAT participated in the #AFCEA2023 exhibition where 250 companies and organizations gathered at one of the most important German IT trade fairs for defense and security. Over 4,100 participants came to the World Conference Center Bonn.

A model of Athene-1 which was planned as a research satellite of the Bundeswehr University, was presented at our stand within #SeRANIS project.

NEOSAT at GOSATCOM conference

NEOSAT at GOSATCOM Conference 2023

What a Conference!
At this #GOSATCOM our CEO Kai-Uwe Storek was invited to present our solution for Blue Force Tracking and Governmental IoT Services with the help of GEO satellites. The unique character and audience of this conference allowed us to get in contact with the right people for this topic in Germany.

Congratulations to the #GOSATCOM team for lifting such a conference. See you next time!

IOT4EO Workshop 2023

IoT4EO Workshop 2023

The IoT4EO workshop is organized by ESA and has the aim to explore the opportunities that IoT transmission techniques can offer in the field of Earth Observation. A central question was: How can nearly instant connectivity for satellites flying in the low-earth orbit be achieved? For NEOSAT, Kai-Uwe Storek, our Managing Director, was proud to show how UCSS, our IoT waveform, can play a significant role: “Even small cubesats can be equipped with a tiny UCSS module that enables an LEO-GEO-Relay communication. This allows the cubesat to continuously exchange small messages within the coverage of one or multiple GEO beams.”

EPW Kick-off


On Jan, 23, the kick-off for the European Protected Waveform (EPW) has taken place at European Commission headquarters in Brussels. NEOSAT is proud to be a member of the consortium that has been designated by the European Commission to design a highly reliable waveform for confident and secure satellite communication.